The facepiece is made of black colored polyurethane which is very resistant against toxic agents. The eyepiece is panoramic and made of transparent polyurethane. Inside there is an oral-nasal cup and the straw of the drinking tube. The intake is on the bottom front under the voice diaphragm. The exhale is on the left side while on the right the intake of the drinking tube can be found. When inhaling the air enters the filter then the intake valve, from there it goes into two Tissot-tubes on the sides of the mask to defog the panoramic visor, just after these enters in the oral-nasal cup. The strap system which made of polyurethane and plastic connects to the mask on six points. Each mask ships with a carrying case and one sealed filter (filters are surplus and expired mid 2000's) Masks are surplus and may come with cosmetic wear including clouded goggles. 

French ARF-A Gasmask