The Forsheda A4 Gas Mask is a response to a post 9/11 world. Recognizing the need for a world class civilian gas mask, the A4 was developed and put into production.

Features of the A4 Mask:

  • Superior penetration protection from all threat agents, tested and verified to work for more than 24 hours in a contaminated area
  • Large, specially ground lenses provide up to 88% normal field of vision
  • Filter thread matches NATO's STANAG 4155 (40mm)
  • Comfortable 6 strap harness ensures a perfect fit
  • Weighs under 1 pound
  • Airflow is optimized across both lenses to prevent fogging
  • Made from latest technology and materials

The Forsheda NBC Record:

  • Supplier of protection equipment to the Swedish Army since 1960
  • Manufactured M51 gas masks under direct license from the US Government
  • Sweden is one of two countries who supplies their entire population with NBC protective equipment, with Forsheda being the #1 manufacturer.
  • From 1969-1993 Forsheda manufactured more than 3,000,000 gas masks for the Swedish Rescue Services
  • In the mid 1990s Forsheda signed a contract to supply the latest NBC gas mask to the Swedish Armed Forces.

Forsheda A4 Gas Mask